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Boarding Options 

Here at Barton Valley Farm we strive to have all possible options for you and your horse. BVF has cut and baled our own hay since the very beginning. We feed first and second cut hay of only the best quality. Our feed is purchased from Lilley's Tack and Feed on a weekly basis. We provide individual attention to each horse twice a day, and treat them as we treat our own. Every horse is different and has his or her own needs. That's why here at Barton Valley we offer the following three types of board for your horse.

Stall Board- $400.00 per month
                     Plus Tax
  • 12x12 box stalls cleaned daily
  • daily turnout
  •  1qt grain at each end of the day
  • 3 flakes hay at each end of the day
  • basic blanket care
Additional costs
  • extra grain
  • extra hay
  • shavings                    
  • training
Paddock Board- $300.00 per month
                           Plus Tax
  • Several acre paddock located in front of the barn
  • Run-in shed
  • Fed hay twice a day
Additional costs
  • grain
  • blanket care



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