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2023 Hunter Paces

September 9th & 10th

October 7th & 8th


Winding through 5-6 miles of countryside Barton Valley Farm has one of the most fun and beautiful hunter pace courses. Open fields, and well trimmed wooded trails are loaded with over 60 jumps varying in sizes and styles from a 18" stone wall, to a 3' round bale, and everything in between. Of course even though there are awards the hunter pace is strictly for fun and all obstacles are optional. All disciplines of riders are invited to come and ride the trails which are groomed, marked, and maintained for your safety. Again all obstacles are optional, many people do not participate in hunter paces because they think they are only for people that jump; wrong, every jump has a wide option to go around it. Please join us this fall, we love to see you all.

Entry Form

(to print and bring with you)


Location: Barton Valley Farm

Time: riders can begin course anytime between 9am                   and noon.

Dates: Sept. 9th & 10th

            Oct. 7th & 8th


Price: $50.00 for 5-6 mile course


REQUIRED: ASTM approved helmet

                        Boots with a heel

                        Current coggins and rabies certificate

                        Safe tack

Ribbons to sixth place will be awarded on each day. Riders who participate on both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend will be eligible for the championship award. Champion of the weekend will receive a championship rosette.

Photographer on course, so remember to have fun and smile!

Call or email with any concerns or questions.

Can't wait to meet you all!


 2023 Halloween Scavenger Hunt

October 28th

October 28th
Ride the trails anytime between 9am and Noon
$50 per rider
Coggins and Rabies Required!
Helmet and boots with adequate heel required!
Come join us on a mounted Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
The scavenger hunt will take place on many of our wooded trails used for the hunter pace. We will give you a sheet at the beginning of the marked trail that will list objects to look for. Now hunt carefully, the tricky ones are worth more points! When you find these hidden objects throughout the ride, simply "Capture" them with a picture. (so please bring your phone or camera). At the end of your ride we will look through your pictures and tally up your points. Prizes will be given to the top 6 scavenger teams or rider!!
****Riders and Horses that come in Costume will automatically begin their Hunt with 10 POINTS!****(per team or rider)

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